The simplest and least expensive way to print on cartons & cardboard

Standard packaging practices include 3 stages, all of which are crucial to seamless delivery from manufacturer to customer. The first example of this is Primary  or Retail Packaging, on which important information such as product expiration dates or batch numbers needs to be displayed. Next is  Secondary Packaging, which needs to exhibit your brand and/or be marked with customer required markings, specific information and symbols. Finally, Tertiary Packaging  needs to show shipping information, in addition to identification codes & symbols, bar codes, and electronic data interchange markings.

If any of this information contains errors or is non-compliant with customer requirements, it could result in unwanted consequences such as the rejection of shipment or payment delays.

The simplest, quickest, least expensive, and error-free option is to  print logos, barcodes, product information, and variable data directly onto cartons and cardboard boxes.

This method has several proven advantages:

-Eliminates the need to have an inventory of labels or pre-printed boxes on hand
– Provides the flexibility to effortlessly implement any updated coding &
marking requirements, making it easier to comply with these regulations & streamlining your workflow 
– Prevents errors that could result in loss of product or revenue 
– Most importantly, this practice keeps operating costs down.

Carton box with print of barcodes, logos made by inline inkjet printer
cropped RNJet E1 72 Dynamic Data base printing RU scaled 1
RN Mark E1 72BIC 2 colors printing

A question that we sometimes encounter is about print quality on cardboard. This material is porous, absorbent and uneven; a recipe for potentially diminished quality. We have performed a number of comparisons, both in our lab and at customer sites, and although print resolution of industrial inkjet printing is lower than print & apply labels, functionality is not affected. Barcodes and QR codes are accurately and reliably scanned but at substantially lower costs. However, you can trust that our printers will deliver the highest possible quality and we are confident that you will be pleased with the results.

A wide variety of colors such as Black, Pigmented White & Yellow, Red, Blue, FDG and UV Black gives you the flexibility to mark practically any product the way you want. 

More Printers Great for Cardboard Application

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RNJet H2+

Incredible Value, Unprecedented Performance.
RNJet H2 Plus

Dual head, small character

RNJet 200

Extreme Printing Power, Extremely Affordable.
RNJet 200 double ink sys lightened

Dual head, small character

RNJet 72

Serious Performance for Serious Requirements.
RNJet 72 Solvent 5 flipped

Single head, large character

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