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What Should I Do if My Print Quality is Poor and Lines Are Missing?

If you have RNJet H1+ or H2+, then remove cartridge from the print head and clean the cartridge using paper towel. 

If you have RNJet 100/200/72/140 or other any other system, you will have to spray with RNJet cleaner (consult with our team for the right cleaner solution) and purge print head before printing. 

How Speed and Delay Works in RNJet Printers

To ensure optimal print quality and avoid text or image distortion, you need to properly set the delay and speed according to your production line’s pace.

Delay refers to the distance the product travels after the photocell is triggered before printing begins. Speed determines how the message is printed, affecting whether it is stretched or shrunk. You will need to fine-tune both delay and speed settings to match your production line’s speed precisely.

To simplify this process and achieve accurate measurements automatically, you can use a shaft encoder. A shaft encoder will automatically measure and adjust to your production line’s speed, ensuring consistent and high-quality prints without the need for manual adjustments.

If you increase delay, print will start further along the product after detecting by photocell. So if you want to print at the start of the product, decrease the delay, and if you want to print at the middle of the product or at the end of the product, increase delay accordingly.

On the other hand, if you decrease the speed, it will print slow on the product and that will result in strecthing the text on the product. So after finding correct location to print by playing with delay, now if you want to print text with shrink or with more space, you will have to play with delay. Get more information here:-  https://rnjet.com/speed-and-delay-guide/

How to Purge Print Head – RNJet 72/72+ – E1-140/E1-140+

Make sure the print is off on controller before you start purge. 

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