What is a Date Coding Machine?

A Date Coding Machine, also known as a date printer or date coder, is a device used to print production or expiration dates, batch numbers, and other relevant information on various products or packaging materials. Date coding machines can utilize various technologies for printing, including inkjet printing, thermal printing, laser printing, and embossing, depending on the specific requirements of the application.


RNJet printers are perfect for coding cans:

Overall RNJet H1+ is the right product for you if you consider the following

This date printer is well-suited for your needs if you’re looking to print on dry cans before rinsing on a conveyor on the shoulder of the can. 

This Coder is not the right for printing on chill cans on the conveyor after filling. For this purpose you can consider RNJet 100.

If your budget for a date printer is approximately $2700 and you want to print on the shoulder of the can or on the side / sleeve or labels, this could be the ideal solution for your requirements.

Suitable canning lines

Variety of canning lines such as CASK, Twin Monkeys, American Canning, Wild Goose, and many more. Can be installed on the twister.

Maintenance and Service

No maintenance and no service is required

Printing position on the production line

Date coding machine RNJet H1+ has the capability to print at various angles, we do not recommend to print upwards on the can bottom, the best place is the shoulder of the can within specified throw distance range

Throw distance

The allowable distance between the print head and the product, known as the throw distance, must not exceed 8 mm. This specification ensures optimal printing performance and accuracy within this defined range.

Ink Colors

Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow

Our commitment

The product comes with a one-week money-back guarantee, applicable if the printer is undamaged. Please note that consumables and shipping costs are not included in this guarantee. Additionally, there is a one-year return-to-depot warranty, providing assurance and support for any potential issues within a 5 -year period.

Batch Coder, Industrial Inkjet printer, Date Coder

RNJet Date Coding Machines for cans are meticulously engineered to require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth production efficiency in breweries. Even our cost-effective models stand out as reliable and efficient solutions for date coding on cans. They offer accuracy, flexibility, durability, and easy integration, making them a perfect option for breweries striving for optimal performance in their packaging operations.

The RNJet H1+ date coding machine is a type of inkjet printer commonly used for date and lot coding on various surfaces, including cans. The best spot to print on cans typically depends on factors such as the design of the can, the printing technology being used, and any regulatory requirements. However, there are a few common locations where printing on cans is often done:

  • Top Lid: Many cans have a flat top lid where printing can be easily applied. This area provides a large, flat surface for clear and visible printing.
  • Side Seam: Printing on the side seam of the can is another common location. This area allows for continuous printing around the circumference of the can, providing ample space for information such as production dates, lot numbers, and barcodes.
  • Bottom: Some cans may have printing applied to the bottom. This area is often used for essential information like expiration dates or batch codes.
  • Body: Depending on the can’s design and the printing technology being used, printing can also be applied directly to the body of the can. This location may offer high visibility and accessibility.
  • Shoulder: Some cans have a shoulder area between the body and the top lid, which can be used for printing additional information or branding.

When determining the best spot for printing on aluminum cans, it’s essential to consider factors such as the ease of application, readability, potential interference with packaging machinery, and regulatory requirements. Conducting tests and trials with your specific printing equipment and can designs can help identify the optimal printing location for your needs.

Easily marking and coding on aluminum cans with RNJet H1+

Date Coding Machine RNJet H1 installed on the canning twister for CASC canning line

RNJet Date Coding Machine present a cost-effective, low-maintenance, or even maintenance-free alternative to continuous inkjet printers, particularly when it comes to printing on:

  • Bottles
  • Bottle labels
  • Bottle caps
  • Cans (printing on aluminum cans or metal tins)
  • Cases
  • Drink sleeves
  • Plastic bottles
  • and more


Date Coding Machine RNJet H1+ can be used as MAINTENANCE FREE cans PRINTER and coming with the following features.

Highly economical coding for craft breweries

Can be installed on the twister or rounded table

Recommended for low production and craft breweries

Suitable for canning lines such as CASC, American Canning, Twin Monkeys, etc.

Service-free and maintenance-free

A+++ customer support

Space saver for small breweries

Explore other options for Brewery Application

Explore the possibilities of A+++ Industrial inkjet printers…

Advanced Beverage Can Printing  with RNJet 100

Printing upwards on the bottom of the can and on chill beer cans. 

Date Coder, industrial inkjet printer, Batch Coder

Price: $$

  • Best for: printing on dry cans before rinsing on a conveyor or on a twister, as well as on chill cans on the conveyor after filling with air drying the spot for printing
  • Suitable Canning lines: ALL 
  • Maintenance and Service: low maintenance and no service required
  • Printing position on the can: in any area including upwards on the can bottom 
  • Throw distance is up to 15 mm
  • Ink colors : Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow
  • Our commitment: 1-week money back guarantee and 1 year return-to-depot warranty

Manual Printing on Cans

If you have Lack of space for Can Coder 

Batch Coder, Industrial Inkjet printer, Date Coder

Price: $

  • Best for: printing on dry cans before rinsing, low production volume, no place to set up the printer
  • Suitable Canning lines: Wild Goose Gosling and similar 
  • Maintenance and Service: not required
  • Printing position on the can:  on the bottom edge of the can with the brackets
  • Throw distance is up to 8 mm
  • Ink colors : Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow
  • Our commitment: 1-week money back guarantee and 1 year return-to-depot warranty
  • Special brackets for manual printing are included

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