In the world of cereals, flour, and baked goods, accurate and legible coding and marking play a crucial role. From expiry dates to batch numbers, barcodes, and product information, clear and durable markings are essential for regulatory compliance, consumer safety, and brand integrity. With the right coding and marking solutions, you can streamline your production process, minimize errors, and enhance overall efficiency.

Coding and marking of cereals, flour and baked goods

Say Good Bye to Complex Coding & Marking Process

TIJ printers are perfect for high-resolution printing on flexible packaging such as pouches and bags.

Coding and marking of cereals, flour and baked goods

Coding & marking on cerels packaging

Accurate coding and marking are essential for ensuring product safety, compliance, and brand integrity in the cereal packaging industry. Thermal inkjet printers (TIJ) provide a reliable and versatile solution for printing high-quality text, graphics, and barcodes on a wide range of packaging materials. These printers offer exceptional print clarity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for both primary and secondary packaging. By leveraging TIJ technology, cereal manufacturers can enhance traceability, streamline inventory management, and reduce the risk of costly labeling errors, all while meeting stringent regulatory requirements and maintaining consumer trust.

coding & marking on flour bags

Accurate coding and marking on flour bags are vital for ensuring product safety, regulatory compliance, and efficient traceability. Utilizing advanced thermal inkjet printers (TIJ), manufacturers can print essential information such as batch numbers, production and expiration dates, and nutritional details directly onto packaging. This technology guarantees high-quality, legible prints that help meet strict regulatory standards, enhance supply chain management, and minimize the risk of costly labeling errors, thereby ensuring consumer safety and maintaining trust in the brand.

Offering quick-drying, smudge-resistant prints, TIJ technology delivers exceptional quality and durability for product identification and branding.
RNJet H2 Plus
MAximum height

Dual stitched head up to 25 mm (1″) or 12.7 mm (0.5′) in 2 different spots of the products in one production line

FAst & Furious

Printing speed could be up to 90 m/min for both heads at the same time. High Speed communication. Printing dynamic data up to 20 prints per SECOND!

DRY time

Fast-dry ink for non-porous material (1-3 sec) & for porous application immediately


Tired of high bills for maintenance your industrial printers? – That is no maintenance Date Coder


RNJet H2+ with 7″ Touch Screen STAINLESS Steel Controller & fast communication, a lot of functions & user-friendly Software is highly industrial, could easily be installed in dust production.

canadian quality

Designed and fully manufactured in Ontario. Proudly Canadian. 

More Coding and Marking Solution 

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Date Coder RNJet H1+

Doesn’t need any attention, because it just keeps going!

Handheld printer RNJet H1 for breweries manual printing

TIJ Printer, Maintenance free

Industrial Inkjet Printer RNJet 72 XL

Serious Performance for Serious Requirements.

RNJet 72 XL, Large character industrial printer

Single head, large character

Batch Coder RNJet 100

Incredible Value, Unprecedented Performance!

Date Coder, industrial inkjet printer, Batch Coder

Single head, more advanced date, batch & lot coding machine

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