Industrial inkjet printers play a crucial role in the building and construction industry, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for marking and coding a wide range of materials. These advanced printers are designed to operate in demanding environments, delivering high-quality, durable prints on various surfaces, including cardboard, wood, metal, and plastic

Print on cement bags

Industrial inkjet printers are widely used for printing on cement bags due to their ability to handle harsh production environments and deliver high-quality, durable prints.

print on concrete mix bags

By using industrial inkjet printers for concrete mix bag printing, manufacturers can improve product traceability and optimize their production processes. The ability to print barcodes, lot numbers, and other critical information directly onto bags helps to ensure accurate identification and tracking throughout the supply chain. Print QR code, barcode, MFG date, instructions or any text on concrete mix bags.

The best solution to print on cement bags, concrete bags, pouch, or other building and construction material.

RNJet 72 – Large Character Printer

These printers use alternative oil and solvent-based inks to mark text, logos, barcodes, dates, and other variable data on porous surfaces like cardboard, wood, and paper. They can print up to 72mm in height at speeds up to 90m/min.

RNJet E1-72+

Print up to 72mm in height, and up to 90m/min

RNJet E1-140+

Print up to 144mm in height, and up to 90m/min


Max. Height

Print up to 144mm in height using both heads.

Drying Time

Max drying time is 10 to 15 seconds on non-porous materials.

Print Speed

Print up to 60m/min at 180 dpi, or 90m/min at 100 dpi.


Internal memory can store 1000+ unique messages.


Print at up to 180 dpi, depending on line speed.

Throw Distance

Print head can be placed up to 15mm away from the object.


Solvent-based or alternative oil-based ink available in black. Includes low ink alarm and consumption calculator.

Highly economical for large production due to ink cost.


Our reliable 7″ LCD controller is durable, dust resistant, and has fast communications. Upload any font, image, or design you want with ease.

Canadian Quality

We are a proudly Canadian company; our machines are designed and fully manufactured by our skilled team of technicians in Ontario

Print Head

Dual Piezoelectric, high resolution print head system.

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