What is an Expiry Date Printer?

An date printer, also known as a date coder or coding machine, is a device designed to print expiration date-related information on various products, packaging, or materials. The purpose of an expiry date printer is to mark items with essential details such as manufacturing dates, expiration dates, batch or lot numbers, and other relevant information. 

Why printing on metal cans with RNJET 100? 

Overall RNJet 100 is the right product for you if you consider the following

This date printer is well-suited for your needs if you’re looking to print on dry cans either before rinsing on a conveyor or on a twister, including on the bottom of the can. This Coder is the only right for printing on chill cans on the conveyor after filling, with air drying the spot for printing. If your budget for a expiry date printer is approximately $4000 and you can perform a small start-up procedure before initiating a print, this could be the ideal solution for your requirements.

Suitable canning lines

Variety of canning lines such as CASK, Twin Monkeys, American Canning, Wild Goose, and many more

Maintenance and Service

Low maintenance and no service is required

Printing position on the production line

Expiry Date Printer RNJet 100 has the capability to print at various angles, including upwards on the can bottom, all within a specified throw distance range.

Throw distance

The allowable distance between the print head and the product, known as the throw distance, must not exceed 15 mm. This specification ensures optimal printing performance and accuracy within this defined range.

Ink Colors

Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow

Our commitment

The product comes with a one-week money-back guarantee, applicable if the printer is undamaged. Please note that consumables and shipping costs are not included in this guarantee. Additionally, there is a one-year return-to-depot warranty, providing assurance and support for any potential issues within a 5 -year period.

Expiry Date Printer RNJet 100

RNJet 100 is designed for minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous production efficiency for breweries. In summary, RNJet 100 stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for can printing, offering precision, versatility, durability, and ease of integration for breweries seeking optimal performance in their packaging processes.

Demonstrating Success – Watch the RNJet 100 in Action on the Canning Line

The Expiry Date Printer comes equipped with all the features listed below.

Printing on the fly with fast start up (less than 1 minute)

Crisp and sharp marking ink

Printing in any angle, even upwards

Printing on cold beer cans

Compatible to many canning lines such as Twin Monkeys, American Canning, Wild Goose Filling, CASK Canning, and more

A+++ customer support

Service is not required

RNJet Expiry Date Printers are crafted with minimal maintenance in mind, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted production efficiency for breweries. Even our budget-friendly models distinguish themselves as dependable and efficient solutions for can printing. They provide precision, versatility, durability, and easy integration, making them ideal for breweries aiming for optimal performance in their packaging processes.

The RNJet Expiration Date Printer employs state-of-the-art technology to produce accurate and easily readable codes on the cans’ surfaces. Designed for high-speed production lines, this coding machine ensures a high-resolution print on every can, maintaining precision and efficiency throughout the entire process. Clear printing is crucial, especially when supplying your beer to various supermarket chains like LCBO, Beer Store, Loblaws, No Frills, and more.  Here is the  guide of How to read food date labels and packaging in Canada. Each country has it’s own rules, so make sure you follow the right ones. 

Solution for beverage and bottle coding with RNJet 100 
Expiry Date Printer RNJet 100 print sample on aluminum beer can

The Expiry Date Printer RNJet 100 in our lineup excels in printing on a variety of materials commonly used in the beverage industry, including aluminum and metal cans, as well as glass bottles. This versatility makes it well-suited for a range of packaging options, allowing for efficient and precise printing on diverse surfaces within the beverage manufacturing sector. The same inkjet coder can print on variety of surfaces such as:

  • Bottles
  • Bottle labels
  • Bottle caps
  • Cans (printing on aluminum cans or metal tins)
  • Cases
  • Drink sleeves
  • Plastic bottles
  • and more

Explore other options of Ink Jet Printers for Brewery Application

Explore the possibilities of A+++ Industrial inkjet printers…

Economical Expiry Date Printer RNJet H1+

Extremely affordable. Variety of ink colors.

Handheld printer RNJet H1 for breweries manual printing

Price: $

  • Best for: printing on dry beer cans before rinsing on a conveyor or on a twister
  • Suitable Canning lines: Twister for variety of canning lines, American Canning with rounded table, and similar
  • Maintenance and Service: not required
  • Printing position on the can: on the side, from the top, on the bottom edge 
  • Throw distance is up to 8 mm (consider to place the head very close to the can)
  • Ink colors : Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow
  • Our commitment: 1-week money back guarantee and 1 year return-to-depot warranty

Manual Date Printer on Cans

If you have Lack of space for Can Printer

Batch Coder, Industrial Inkjet printer, Date Coder

Price: $

  • Best for: printing on dry beer cans before rinsing, low production volume, no place to set up the printer
  • Suitable Canning lines: Wild Goose Gosling and similar 
  • Maintenance and Service: not required
  • Printing position on the can:  on the bottom edge of the can with the brackets
  • Throw distance is up to 8 mm
  • Ink colors : Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow
  • Our commitment: 1-week money back guarantee and 1 year return-to-depot warranty
  • Special brackets for manual printing are included

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