In industries such as construction and manufacturing, clear and durable product marking is crucial for traceability, compliance, and brand recognition. RNJet coding and marking solutions provide high-quality, reliable printing for cement bags, plastic bags, and polypropylene (PP) bags.

printing on cement bags
cropped cropped grainbag
print on plastic bag
Large Character Industrial Printers

Print on Plastic Bags, Cement Bags, FIBC and PP Bags

Choosing RNJet coding and marking solutions means investing in reliability, efficiency, and quality. Our printers are tailored to meet the specific needs of industrial packaging, providing robust and versatile solutions for all your marking needs.

Best Large Charater Industrial Inkjet Printer – RNJet 72 XL

RNJet 72 XL, Large character industrial printer


Print height up to 72 MM


This printer requires 0-maintenance, keeping your line moving smoothly


Ink available in a variety of colors (black, red, blue, green, pigmented white, pigmented yellow, FDG blue and FDG pink), including UV black and white


Printing a variable data, unique information from database, GS1 Data Matrix & UDI, Track and Trace, any type of codes, ability to print from PLC and NiceLabel

More Coding and Marking Solution 

Explore the possibilities of A+++ Industrial inkjet printers…

Batch Coder RNJet H1+

Doesn’t need any attention, because it just keeps going!

cardboard box printer

Small Character, TIJ Printer, Maintenance free

Industrial Inkjet Printer RNJet 140 XL

Serious Performance for Serious Requirements.

RNJet 140 XL, large character, dual head printer

Dual head, large character printer

Date Coder RNJet 100

Incredible Value, Unprecedented Performance!

Date Coder, industrial inkjet printer, Batch Coder

Single head, more advanced date, batch & lot coding machine

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