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Date Coder

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How to choose the Right Date Coder?

Date coding machines are essential for ensuring product traceability and compliance with industry regulations. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a date coder for your business:

1. Identify your needs: Before choosing a date coder, determine the type of coding you need, whether it’s batch coding, expiry date printing, or general product identification. Different date coders are designed for specific applications, so it’s important to match the machine to your requirements.

2. Consider the technology: Date coders come in various forms, including inkjet printers, thermal transfer printers, and laser markers. Inkjet printers are commonly used for batch coding and expiry date printing due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. Laser markers offer high-quality, permanent coding but are more expensive upfront.

3. Evaluate the speed and capacity: Depending on the volume of products you need to code, consider the speed and capacity of the date coder. Some machines can code hundreds of products per minute, while others are better suited for smaller production runs.

4. Check for ease of use: Look for a date coder that is user-friendly and easy to operate. Features like touchscreen interfaces and intuitive software can streamline the coding process and reduce the risk of errors.

5. Factor in maintenance and support: Choose a date coding machine from a reputable manufacturer that offers reliable technical support and maintenance services. Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring consistent coding quality and minimizing downtime.

Range of RNJet Date Coders.

TIJ printers – Maintenance-free alternative to CIJ printers

We have a quite range of thermal inkjet printers such as:
– Date Coder RNJet H1+ with printing height up to 12.7mm
– Dual head Inkjet Coder RNJet H2+ with printing area up to 25 mm or the ability to print up to 12.7 mm on each side of the same product. You can also print 2 colors at the same time.
– customized solutions up to 12 heads can print twelve dates at a time on the roll of plastic film or paper

High-resolution DOD printers

Small-character Printers which can print up to 18 mm in height:
  • RNJet 100 – cartridge-based piezoelectric printer
  • RNJet 100+ – bottle printer using piezo technology
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