100-1609-101 Black-C Cartridge for Non-Porous Material (Pack of 6)


Solvent-based inks are specially formulated to print on non-porous surfaces, however it could print on porous surface as well. BSF Black-C is fast dry ink with min.drying time 10-15 sec. RN Mark’s solvent-based inks are an ideal choice if you are looking to code and mark on:

  • Glass Bottles and Containers
  • Plastic Bottles and Containers
  • Rubber Components
  • Metal Components
  • Tins and Cans
  • Flexible Plastic Films
  • Wood
  • Eggs
  • Epoxy Laminate & Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Molded Plastics

Compatible with RNJet Solvent-based Cartridge printers Hi-Res DOD technology such as RNJet 100, RNJet 200, RNJet 72, RNJet 140 as well as in previous Models RN Mark E1-18, RN Mark E1-36, RN Mark E1-72, RN Mark E1-140.

To make sure it’s compatible you could check the Part Number on the Cartridge that you have or simply ask us. The easiest way is to send us email at order@rnjet.com


Solvent-based Black ink cartridge – Black -C “10 to 15 seconds drying time”

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