Thank you for choosing RNJet Industrial Inkjet printers.

Here’s a simple explanation to get your first print with RNJet printers:

  1. Watch the Installation Guide: Make sure to watch our installation guide and complete the setup within your production line.
  2. Find the Right Location for Prints:
  • First, determine the location where you want the prints to appear on your product. Ignore print quality or stretching at this stage; just focus on the location.
  • Set the speed to anywhere between 100-150 for now and adjust the delay settings only.

Delay Settings

Delay determines the exact location where the print will appear on the product after it is detected by the photocell.

  • If you want the print to appear immediately after the product is detected, set a lower delay (around 50).
  • If you want the print to appear later, such as in the middle or at the end of the product, increase the delay.
  • Experiment with different delay settings to find the exact location for the print. Refer to the attached sample results to see the effects of increasing the delay.

speed and delay

Adjusting Print Throw Speed

Once you’ve found the correct location for the print, you can then adjust the speed settings.

  • Decreasing Print Throw Speed: If you decrease the print throw speed from the controller, the printed message will become wider, as the slower speed allows more time for printing full message.
  • Increasing Print Throw Speed: Conversely, if you increase the print throw speed, the message will be printed faster, resulting in more shrinkage of message which you want to print.

To shrink the text, increase the speed. If the message appears too small and shrunk, decrease the print speed to allow more time for printing, resulting in wider text.

speed and delay settings


After adjusting the speed and finding the correct print appearance, you may need to readjust the delay to fine-tune the exact position where you want the print to appear.

In summary:

  • Increasing Delay: Prints will appear further inside the product.
  • Decreasing Delay: Prints will appear immediately after being detected by the photocell.
  • Increasing Speed: Prints the message faster, resulting in shrinkage.
  • Decreasing Speed: Prints the message more slowly, resulting in wider text.

By adjusting the delay and speed accordingly, you can achieve the desired print quality and positioning.

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