100-1505-208 SC-120 Spray Cleaner Solution (Pack of 6 )


Solvent Spray Cleaner


If you are using Slow or Fast dry ink such as Black C, Black E or in dusty production Black P, Spray Cleaner is an excellent solution for you.

Compatible with RNJet Solvent-based Cartridge printers Hi-Res DOD technology such as RNJet 100, RNJet 200, RNJet 72, RNJet 140 as well as in previous Models RN Mark E1-18, RN Mark E1-36, RN Mark E1-72, RN Mark E1-140.

To make sure it’s compatible you could check the Part Number on the Cartridge that you have or simply ask us. The easiest way is to send us email at order@rnjet.com

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